Logrite Log Handling Tools

Logrite is the originator of aluminum handled logging and woodworking tools. We are the innovators of a whole new class of ultra high quality logging tools. Logrite aluminum handled tools are stronger, lighter and safer to use than the traditional wood handle models.  Logrite engineered their tools to work better and not to break under normal usage. Their tools are designed to increase employee safety, reduce downtime and liability.  Logrite tools are used daily at sawmills, woodlots and construction sites.

LogRite is also the manufacturer of the most ergonomic and useful tools for low impact operations with minimal ground disturbance, clean logs for portable sawmilling. They also manufacture great tools for adding value to your timber stands with pruning and thinning.

Logrite tools are the only ones of their kind in the industry. They are built to be the finest money can buy.  Logrite believes in continuous improvement and use lean manufacturing techniques.  Logrite is proud to say that their tools are built in the USA.