Logger Wear

It started with a reverence of the forest and a love for the job of logging.

Bill Bailey, a former timber faller, valued the majesty of the forest and wanted to offer the people who worked it clothes tailored to their specific needs. That's why, in 1975, he and his wife Judith started a business in their garage with the vision to create the tough,durable denim jeans he could never find. What they produced was 'Wild Ass Jeans' - denim that offered the comfort, function and resilience woodsmen need.

In 1978, Bill created or some might say, "met"  Henry, his Wild Ass sidekick. Through his daily antics, Henry became more than just an icon, but rather, a part of the company's philosophy, identity, and a member of the family. And as the business grew, so did Henry's shadow.

This jewel of a company that Bill, Judith, and in many ways, Henry created has grown into Bailey's Authentic LoggerWear - a collection of clothing that's truly Logger-Tested Tough. Our business is still located where it all began, in the small Northern California logging town of Laytonville population 900).

Bailey's is proud to be woven into the fabric of the logging industry, and maybe because it all started with Bill's appreciation for the forest, the logging industry and its people. After all, we know that Bill saw the forest for the trees.